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20 November 2013

Gaspé Fly Co. is proud to announce that we are now the exclusive distributors of Brian Chan’s and Phil Rowley’s flies made by MFC. Both gentlemen are legends in stillwater flyfishing and have designed some of the best patterns around. Check-out MFC’s 2014 catalog for the flies!

Phil Rowley has been fly fishing for over 30 years.   His love of fly fishing has taken him across North America in pursuit of trout, Atlantic and Pacific salmon, char, pike, walleye and numerous other species on the fly. He has authored three books and numerous feature articles and two regular columns.

Phil’s first book Fly Patterns for Stillwaters is a best seller.   In addition to his writing, Phil has four instructional DVD’s.   In 2007, Phil was a member of the gold medal winning team at the Canadian Fly Fishing championships.[1]

Brian Chan has been fortunate enough to live and work for the past 35 years in Kamloops, British Columbia. Kamloops is world famous for its rainbow trout, being strategically situated in the centre of hundreds of productive stillwater trout lakes. It is often referred to as the “ Yellowstone of the North “.

Brian’s lifelong passion for fly fishing has resulted in his spending literally thousands of angling days on these world class waters. He has shared his extensive knowledge of aquatic biology, trout ecology, entomology, and lake fly fishing tactics with others, through a number of magazine articles, books, and instructional DVDs on fly fishing. Brian has been featured on many TV fishing shows and is currently a regular guest on Sport Fishing on the Fly and co-host of The New Fly Fisher . [2]

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